CHI-KA is the first and only ‘Japanese aesthetic meets Arabian elegance’ fashion house in the MENA region.

We have opened our 1st shop & gallery in Dubai 2016 (Alserkal Avenue, the leading art district in the UAE). You can experience our collection having our mobile boutique your home or hotel, and shopping online on our E-shop.

It is where Japan meets Arabia through contemporary, Middle-East inspired limited edition dresses, abayas, kimonos, kimono-abayas, kaftans, and artisan silk dresses customized to suit local sensibility - embodying Khaleeji modesty, elegance and femininity.

The collection consists of the finest Japanese silks, hand-painted and hand-embroidered works of art made into one-of-a-kind or limited edition collection pieces. 

Our Location


Alserkal Avenue 69 | 17th Street | Al Quoz 1 | Dubai, UAE

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that we have just received the kimonos and they are BREATHTAKING! Love the professional tailoring & presentation, love everything about them. A huge thank you from myself @ my mom who's kimonos she fell in love with & is greatly satisfied with. Thanks a lot!
Thank you sooo much. I honestly appreciate everything you've done. All the effort you put to keep your customers happy. I'm very impressed. Thanks a lot!