What's a kimono?
kimono is a Japanese traditional garment. The word "kimono" literally means a "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing").

What is special about a real kimono-abaya? 
Original kimono-abaya are fully hand-crafted. They are hand-sewn (without a single machine stitch), hand-painted and hand-embroidered. They truly are works of art. The techniques used are centuries old. They are made by older, experienced Japanese craftsmen and artists, and can take from 1-6 months to produce, each, depending on the amount of work. This process of kimono-making is rare and highly-valued - due to the quality of the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the quest for perfection in each and every piece.   

Where is it made?
All fabrics are Japanese and are hand-made in Japan. 

What is 'Free Size' and can it be adjusted? 

Kimono-Abaya fit most body shapes and sizes. They are loose-fitting garments, which can be more worn in a more fitted way, with a belt. The length however can be altered. 

Can I do length alteration?

At CHI-KA we offer custom length alteration for your Kimono-Abaya. 

If you require Length Alteration please leave us a note at Checkout regarding the exact length / abaya length. Check out TIP #1 at  http://chikacollection.com/pages/tips  

Can I try it on before purchase? 
If you are in Dubai, kindly contact us on studio@chikacollection.com or by Tel/ WhatsApp +971507445911 to arrange a viewing/fitting. 

I would like longer sleeves
Sure, let us know your required sleeve length and send us a note at Checkout or by Tel/ WhatsApp 

Do you provide home service?
Yes, in the UAE.We have our CHI-KA MOBILE BOUTIQUE. Please contact us (+971507445911 / studio@chikacollection.com) to book our visit (subject to availability).

Do you have a shop? 
We are looking into opening our showroom in Dubai. At the moment we have our E-shop (www.chikacollection.com) and we can arrange for a home visit at your convenience.

Does my kimono come with a belt? 

Yes. Plus, we have some belts that are sold separately. They range between 100-500 dirhams, depending on the model. However, send us a message on +971507445911 and we'd be happy to advise on the best option. 

Does my kimono come with a sheila? 
On request, yes.

Can I get my initials embroidered? 
Yes. Just let us know your initials please, and the colour you wish. 

I saw it on Instagram, how can I order?
There are several options. You may purchase directly from our E-Shop, via Paypal. Or, you can contact us / WhatsApp us on +971507445911 to order directly. Once you have made your selection, we will keep it aside for you (for 24hrs) until payment is made. 

How can I pay? 
Securely PayPal if ordering through the website. Otherwise, we accept Money Transfer from any Exchange Office (in the GCC - Al Ansari Exchange, UAE Exchange, CashExpress, ExpressMoney, Western Union, or similar). You may also pay by Bank Transfer or by VISA, MasterCard and other payment Cards at our location in Jumeirah or at your doorstep in Dubai (subject to availability). Contact us for details +971507445911 / studio@chikacollection.com 

What guarantee do I have when I order?
When using PayPal there is full customer protection. If there are any complaints at all, rest assured that your payment is secure and refundable. When paying via Money Transfer or Bank Transfer, we can guarantee security. We have served 500+ customers, all of them 100% satisfied.  We cater to royal families in the Gulf, high-profile business women, influential bloggers and fashion enthusiasts. We care about our customers. 

If something appears as 'Sold' on the website, is it possible to re-order it?
It is not possible, as each piece is exclusive and unique - there is only one, and it can never be repeated. This is due to the fact that each one is 100% hand-made (hand-stitched, hand-painted and/or hand-embroidered). 

Can I put an item on Hold? 

We can keep it for your 24h, until payment is made. Collections are limited. Please contact us directly to place an item on Hold. 

How long will it take to receive my order? 

This will depend on whether you require alteration or not, and where you are in the world.  Alteration takes 3-4 days, and shipping may take up to 1 week. If you are in the UAE it's next day delivery. If you are in the GCC it's 3-5 business days. 

What shipping method do you use?

  • Courier Service (door to door) SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS
  • EMS Post Service (to your Post Office)
  • Courier to your preference

Name, Address, Tel required for all of the above.

You may track your shipment on our website's footer, by entering your shipment tracking number and selecting the Courier. 

Do you deliver to my home country? 
Yes, we deliver worldwide. If ordering through the E-shop, you will be able to add 'Shipping' upon Checkout. You will be given the option to choose between Skynet Worldwide Express (Courier Service) or EMS Mumtaz Post. If your country doesn't come up, please contact us for a specific quote or we will send you quote via PayPal.  

Do you do combined shipping? 

Yes we do. 

Can I send it as a gift to someone?
Yes. You can make a purchase and just notify us that its a Gift. It will be gift-wrapped and a Gift Card from you will be included. Also, please provide us with shipping address of the receiver. 

How can I take care of my kimono? 
It is a delicate garment, so professional dry-clean only. If there is artwork (hand-painting) please point this out to the dry-cleaner, so they are aware.

For storage, it is best to keep your kimono folded neatly and placed on a shelf, rather than hung on a hanger.