How long will it take to receive my order? 
This will depend on whether you require alteration or not, and where you are in the world.  Alteration takes 3-4 days, and shipping may take up to 1 week. If you are in the UAE it's next day delivery. If you are in the GCC it's 3-5 business days. 

What shipping method do you use?

  • Courier Service (door to door) DHL, ARAMEX
  • Emirates Post (EMS or Gulf Express)
  • Courier to your preference

Name, Address, Tel required for all of the above.

Do you deliver to my home country? 
Yes, we deliver worldwide. If ordering through the E-shop, you will be able to add 'Shipping' upon Checkout. You will be given the option to choose between DHL, ARAMEX (Courier Service) or EMIRATES POST. If your country doesn't come up, please contact us for a specific quote or we will send you quote via PayPal.  

Do you do combined shipping? 

Yes we do. 

Can I send it as a gift to someone?
Yes. You can make a purchase and just notify us that its a Gift. It will be gift-wrapped and a Gift Card from you will be included. Also, please provide us with shipping address of the receiver. 

Track your packages: